Dewy acres freshly mowedThe trees around them weaveA single house concludes the roadLike an idyllic centerpiece […]
Yesterday I lost my keysand found them later in the fridgeToday I spilled a cup of […]
Weken heb ik uitgekekengedroomd, gefantaseerdIk heb me voorgesteld en afgeteldwerd erdoor geïnspireerd En nu het hier […]
I’m a rubber bandI stretch and I retract Your fingers pulland I obeyYou decide what shape […]

The world is burningand its leaders warm their handsTo the flames of the distubringpolarisation between men […]
The room is filled with dancing dustIn rays of sun they showIn guidance of the air […]
The wind is biting in my faceas I walk past naked treesIt’s in these cold and […]
He calls me prettyI’m hoping that he meansPretty strong, or pretty smartpretty funny, but it seemsMy […]
Red are the leaves falling downGreen are the ones that hold onStill full of life, and […]