The wind is biting in my face
as I walk past naked trees
It’s in these cold and darker days
When you’d think they’d need their leaves

Cause while I feel my heartbeat pound
In my fingertips and toes
The trees are firmly standing ground
with all their leafless arms exposed

On them rest what seems a thousand birds
Black at first time glance
But when the sunlight hits their wings
their starry feathers dance

Suddenly they all fly up
turning the sky into their stage
synchronised beyond belief
making all kinds of different shapes

I try to wrap my head around
this choreography
So dense and fast and sharply timed
but yet they look so free

People stop to watch the show
while the starlings humbly dance
and when the flock of birds has flown
I think about my friends

Cause if a bird had danced alone
I think I never would’ve seen
The thing that’s memorable about their show
Is their community